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April 12, 2015

ill Shafroth with an early season hickoryA cosmologist would tell you that our time on this earth as the human species is infinitesimally short. Even if a person lives to be 90-plus years it would be so much less than one flicker of a birthday candle on the earth’s sweet cake. We live in a privileged time when all the elements are just right either through the benevolence of higher powers, a convergence of natural forces, or both, for life to exist. It’s a heavy thought: this bright spark in time contains all we know, see, think, do and are. The spark is our moment to act.

How do these weighty words relate to fishing? I’m no cosmologist, but I tell you that it is time to act if you are a fisherman. Take advantage of this fleeting spring moment, the convergence of annual natural elements that produce some of the best angling opportunities in our human universe. Angus Phillips, formally of the Washington Post, used to say that there was no better place he knew of to fish than the Potomac at Fletcher’s in April.

The shad fishing is a shooting star down at Fletcher’s Cove. Moon-sized catfish are like black holes, devouring anything in their reach. Large striped bass appear like comets from the deep, dark depths. The meteor shower that is the herring run will dazzle you with its beauty. And all of this is right in your solar system. No need to travel to far reaches of our galaxy to experience some of the best (and least expensive) angling known to astronauts and ordinary folks alike. You don’t need a helmet, space suit or jet-pack… just the urge to explore. For a boat rental, we supply the boat, oars and a life-vest for a small line-item in your budget. If you’re already spacey, you will feel right at home at Fletcher’s Cove. All kinds of creatures come to visit us at this Mos Eisley of fishing camps.

August Ritter holds a fat roe Potomac hickory shadOur 29 fishing rowboats are in the water now, available daily as weather and water conditions permit. So far, it has been a benevolent spring with no ion storms or asteroid showers to disrupt the opportunity for angling. The water is clear and shad darts of all colors are working to lure fat hickory and sleek American shad. With such a cold winter behind us the season is just starting, but don’t dally too long! As I tell callers every spring… if I say that fishing is out-of-this-world, then you missed the ship! The fish species come in waves like pulsars from a neutron star. But all will collapse into a black hole when the dog days of summer arrive.

Our boats go quickly on nice weekend days. If your schedule allows, fishing on weekdays is a better bet. Early in the day is best. Call for up-to-the-minute information, but when we are really busy please understand if the phone is not answered on your first try. Liftoff is at 7 a.m. (on days with a strong gravitational pull, a bit earlier.) Docking of boats is at 6 p.m. sharp! Late arrivals get hit with a dose of antimatter.

I’m headed out for a space-walk now. Thanks for reading this. See you between the stars. (And no, I did not take advantage of D.C.'s relaxed laws.)


Ms. Shawns 35 pound catfish caught on a shad dart!


Old friends add flavor to an annual fish fry
by Bill Heavey
(credit to www.fieldandstream.com
and A Sportsman's Life)


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Sam Saphiro gets the first white for the second year in a row!

Students from the Capital City Charter School



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