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December 20, 2016

Season's greetings from the folks at Fletcher's Cove. May the holidays bring you a time of peaceful reflection and a chance to connect with loved ones near and far. It's quiet at the cove most days this time of year. The dock is clear of boats, canoes and kayaks. The water of the cold Potomac is gin clear with just a few minnows darting around to gather warmth from sunny shallows. Fall was glorious as usual by the banks of the Nation's River, with the trees exploding in color and wildflowers slowly giving up their summer splendor.

As the crow flies, Fletcher's is close to the foibles of the federal city. But when you visit it will seem as though all that crazy Capitol Hill, White House and K Street stuff is a million miles away. We are lucky to embrace a novel idea...hold onto a piece of our history in this precious National Historic Park while escaping the hive of our present! This past year was the 100th birthday of our National Park System.

I'm not quite sure what 2017 will bring to our fair realm; rest assured, though, that you will be greeted by friendly and familiar faces down at Fletcher's Cove, as has been true for more than 130 years. Fish will migrate up George Washington's river, birds will appear and pass through to distant shores, and humans will feel the pull of the waters from which we come.

As always, I want to thank those who made 2016 a fantastic year at Fletcher's Cove. First of course, thanks to our customers who represent every aspect of society. Old Julius Fletcher used to say, "they all come to the river." It's true...from the sad, seasonal appearance of homeless faces I recognize, to D.C. power brokers trying to escape the pressure cooker in which they exist. It's real down here.

Great Heron tracks Magical November fog

Thanks also to our great crew of employees and fellow Guest Services support staff. Each day is a new adventure at the cove and each season brings its special flavor. We work hard so you can play hard!

Additional end of season thanks go out to so many people and organizations that helped in adding another chapter to Fletcher's long, colorful history...To Superintendent Kevin Brandt and the C & O Canal NPS staff; the Great Falls maintenance yard crew; the C & O Canal Trust; the Friends of Fletcher's Cove (see their web site for important historical info and pictures about the cove); the personnel of The D.C. Fisheries and Wildlife Office; the officers of The U.S. Park Police; the D.C. Harbor Police and Fire Department; the Palisades Citizens Association; Kris, Tricia and Amanda (who get this onto the web for all five of you to read)...and last, but certainly not least, my amazing wife Laurie who has endured 43 years putting up with a river-rat partner and never begrudged me a day of fishing or a late evening of work. My greatest "catch" of all time!

Thanks for reading and see you in March!



Old friends add flavor to an annual fish fry
by Bill Heavey
(credit to www.fieldandstream.com
and A Sportsman's Life)


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