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Fletcher’s is now closed for the season and will be offering rentals again in March. Please check back for more information on our re-opening date.

November 17, 2014

racing the tide to pull boats from the PotomacThe Fletcher's Cove rental season ended on Halloween. It's a "spooky" feeling after so many days of happy customers visiting us in this idyllic little spot along the nation's river. 2014 was a fast-paced ride for us at The Cove. Great shad fishing in spring to start us off; a couple of medium-level floods to keep us on our toes; and a parade of beautiful summer weekends to bring out happy kayakers, boaters and bikers.

Now the dock is clear; canoes, kayaks and bikes are stowed away for winter and the tired old rowboats are racked up for their annual make-over.


closing 2014 season at Fletcher's CoveAs always, lots of TLC will be lavished on Fletcher's unique wooden skiffs to prepare them for the 2015 season. For me, it's a labor of love as well as a job and I know every inch of these simple boats. Silly as it sounds, it's a little like being the shepherd of a flock of sheep - each one slightly different from the other, all part of the whole. When I see "the flock" spread out on the water in spring I am reminded of sheep on a green hillside. These tile-red boats and our fishing focus is a large part of what makes Fletcher's the special place that it is.

If you came by Fletcher's this season, thank you for your visit. If not, please make a point of heading down to this oasis between the old C & O Canal and the Potomac. The park is open year 'round with plenty of parking. Walks in the woods or along the canal are beautiful ways to get away from everyday routine and stress. We will open again for business sometime in March when the water warms a bit and schools of perch, herring and shad arrive from their journey up the bay and river to our shores.

Alex Binsted with a fall smallmouthAt the end of every season I always think of all the elements, large and small, that make things "work" at The Cove. Just as the audience at a theatrical production cannot see all those who toil behind the stage and curtain, so too there are those unseen who keep the doors open for our customers and guests.

Our thanks go out to many: to the staff of the C & O Canal National Historic Park, in which we operate; to the ever-optimistic folks at the C & O Canal Trust for their organizational and fundraising efforts to maintain the integrity of the resource itself; to The D.C. Harbor, Metropolitan and U.S. Park Police who keep watch on our safety; to the D.C. Fire Department and their fire boat crew; to the staff at the D.C. Department of Fisheries, who help us remain a reliable source for fishing permits and who organize the annual "Family and Youth Casting Call"; to the staff at Guest Services, Inc. both corporate and maintenance, who keep us rowdy children in line and humming along; to our fantastic on-site staff, most of whom have been with us for many years; and of course, thanks to our customers, regulars and first timers alike. A parade of happy faces is what we like to see!

Let us hope for a benevolent winter. Last year was a real bear! Here's hoping your holiday season is kissed with friends, family and a touch of joy. As springtime nears, remember to contact us at Fletcher's Cove for opening information and a status report on fishing prospects in the New Year.

Peace to you…


Prepping for the 2015 fishing seasona crisp fall day at Fletcher's Cove Boathouse



Old friends add flavor to an annual fish fry
by Bill Heavey
(credit to www.fieldandstream.com
and A Sportsman's Life)


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